Tin Man: 'Eighteen Strings'

So this was my first ever pop video. We had just taken delivery of an Avid at Picture Post and this was pretty much one of the first things that got cut on it. I’d met Mark in telecine at Rushes, grading with my brother Dominic and had expressed an interest in cutting the video for him. Unfortunately he had already lined up another editor at Final Cut so I thought that was that...Until I got a phone call a few days later on Friday afternoon, he’d had the commissioner in to see the cut and she had expressed concerns about the pacing and overall ‘promoness’ of it all. So I said bring the tapes over and I’d start on it straight away.

We cut all weekend sleeping in the edit suite, I even squeezed a family christening in on the Sunday. I taught Mark how to use the Avid and while I slept he cut, well actually more like placed things where he thought they should go. He’s got a mad style of editing, he’s kinda all over the place, put this bit there and this bit at the end, this bit over there, no patience, like most Directors. He writes like that too, doesn’t start at the top left corner like everyone else but in the middle. I thought he was a genius right there and then. Anyway the commissioner came in to view it on Monday and pretty much signed it off, very pleased with herself or more like relieved! And that was the start of my promo career!

Eon Boogieman John 'Joy Loves Pain'

I think this was my 8th pop video...For Free!!! I always liked this song and loved the performance Mark got from the girl. Funny thing is, no matter what I did the sync never really looked liked it was in, some singers are like that to playback, it still bugs me to this day but hey, what you gonna do. Definitely thought that Mark was on the road to recognition by now, but I guess some things are just not meant to be.

I think it was also the first Promo where I actually liked the footage that I was being given to work with, that always helps!

N-Trance 'Staying Alive'

Wasn't sure whether to include this or not!

There's lots of quick cutting and you can see I'm still learning about editing and having fun with the Avid and all it can do! Speedramping, reversing, wipes, quick intercutting, basically anything I could throw at it!

It was my tenth music video and I was getting a good reputation as the go to Editor at the most prolific music video production company at the time Spidercom. I think I worked with near enough every Director it had on it's books... except unfortunately Guy Rithie who also worked there! Although to be honest I seem to remember at the time I never thought he was a good promo Director. But his films, well I think he's turned out to be one of the best British Directors of my generation. I did however meet him once in an online as he was best mates with Alex DeRakoff who was the Director of this video.

I loved working with Alex. He was an ex-model turned Director and pretty much always provided enough footage and angles to tell the story. He was a good laugh as well. I did maybe 5 or 6 videos with him before Spidercom closed it's door and it's band of Directors er, disbanded!

It's interesting to compare it to the editing in Lisa Maffia. And see how I've incorporated some of those techniques but more restrained! It's also very similar in that it's interweaving a story in a club with performance.

Like I've always said, the final product so depends on the quality of the cameraman's work along with the performance and the song!